Laplaza assessors

Laplaza assessors serves national and multinational companies, individual businesspeople and physical people, covering advice in the tax, legal, accounting, labour, consultancy, auditing and IT areas, professionally covering all business needs that both periodically and sporadically might appear.

One of its main differentiating elements is the fact that one of its rules is specific treatment and for each customer and question, in each case applying the most suitable and profitable of the possible solutions.

This structure includes a group of highly specialised professionals with great, solid experience in suitable advice to satisfy the specific needs of each customer with the best technical quality and deep-rooted service spirit.

All of the professional experts constantly deepen and update their knowledge to be able to rigorously and favourably resolve each of the commissioned matters and at the same time globally foresee the repercussion of each of the decisions taken.

As a complement to the technical team, the training and availability of the support and auxiliary staff offers optimal co-ordination, along with the computer technology that facilitates the fluid flow of all the generated information.

Each of the professional areas maintains strict co-ordination to jointly optimise the business operation.

At the same time with the special relationship of personal warmth and proximity that they establish with the customers, they offer the necessary support to cover their expectations.

Customers are periodically offered an informative bulletin of legal news, drawn up completely by the professional team of each area and edited in their own dependencies.

They organise study commissions, talks, seminars and training courses on the subjects of their activity.

They hold tax and legal meetings in the event of changes, modifications or new developments in legislation that are likely to affect the business management in the short or long term.

Moreover, they have the collaboration of renowned professionals to complement different areas and at the same time covering most Spanish cities as well as Paris, Berlin, Rome, Luxembourg and Brussels, which allow rapid intervention when needed.

They also give their services in conjunction with other outstanding national and international firms, in study commissions and colloquia, taking part in talks on tax matters and sporadically publishing articles in specialised magazines.