Legal Advice

With a clear will and vocation to offer a global service, the legal area covers advice, assistance and processing in this discipline in co-ordination with the tax advice department, thus optimising the business operation.

Company mercantile law:

The following services stand out in the field of mercantile company law:

  • company constitution, transformations, reorganisations, mergers, break-aways, absorptions and dissolutions of companies.

  • writing, revision and modification of the by-laws of all kinds of companies.

  • preparation of agreements between shareholders.

  • negotiation and preparation of all kinds of contracts.

  • legal secretariat, board of management secretariat.

  • advice and preparation of all kinds of contracts in international operations.

  • advice and assistance in negotiating the purchase and sale of companies, businesses and assets.

  • evaluation of liability risk of the administrators of mercantile companies.

  • planning and advice in introducing all kinds of companies and activities in Spain.

Procedural and contentious law::

Representation and defence before the Courts and Tribunals in the event of previous negotiations not achieving a satisfactory transactional agreement on the subject of companies, marriage, labour, such as:

  • actions in the company area such as board nullity or company agreement challenging.

  • advice concerning civil liability, claims for damages, administrator liability, faulty products, etc.

  • assistance and advice in arbitration carried out before arbitral courts.

  • management of claims of large mass non-payment.

  • assistance in challenges or administrative and contentious claims.

  • legal assistance before the penal courts (economic offences).

  • legal assistance before the civil courts.

  • pre-contentious negotiation in all kinds of claims.

Tender procedures:

With the new law, any failure to request the tender procedure in the time and under the circumstances required by law causes a risk of assuming additional responsibility in the procedure, therefore it is very important to know the operation of the company to immediately apply for the corresponding procedure.

  • assistance and advice to companies in crisis in negotiating with their creditors to avoid the assembly.

  • advice in preparing and requesting a voluntary assembly in the event of serious crisis in the company.

  • advice in companies in crisis and evaluation of administrator liabilities.

  • advice in drawing up and presenting feasibility plans and agreements such as being put out to a tender procedure.

  • assistance and advice in tender procedures for the debtor creditors.