Tax Advice Services

Advice in national and multinational companies, individual businesspeople and physical people, so that those responsible might take immediate decisions with their sights on the future with a well-structured, co-ordinated base and the exact knowledge and foresight of the repercussions that might be derived, and planning to reduce taxation as far as possible, applying legal tax strategies to achieve the best options and their consequent periodical follow-up.

The services may be set out in the following areas of action:

  • advice, planning and optimisation of operations, from the tax and legal viewpoint.

  • tax – accountancy advice in preparing for corporate tax, VAT, Income Tax, Tax on Economic Activities, Income, Wealth, etc.

  • tax optimisation of the retributions of the organs of administration and senior management, evaluation of the risks of responsibility of the administrators in the tax area.

  • resolution of tax queries.

  • advice to national and international business groups with regard to taxation and inter-group or external actions.

  • tax planning for business restructuring operations.

  • international taxation, tax scheme for non-residents in Spain, double taxation agreements.

  • advice in special schemes: tax consolidation, family business, special schemes for the Canary Islands, tax scheme of the Basque Country and Navarre.

  • study and founded preparation of appeals, administrative and contentious-administrative claims.

  • tax auditing and evaluation of the tax situation of companies or groups, with continuous follow-up and visits to the companies.

  • assistance and advice in tax inspections.